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    What is Arabesque?

    Arabesque is a student activity aims to help students to increase their awareness, discover their talents and accepting others. Also motivate them to play a vital role in developing their society using all their positive potentials.


    Guiding our generation to be aware of their rights and duties in order to revive the loyalty to share in building our new Egypt.


    Provide all participants with knowledge about politics, culture, and community service and discover their talents in all fields.

    Core values:

    Respect, Appreciate, commitment.

  • 2011: the year of our start

    ABR the 1st project of arabesque :

    Its aim was :
    To know what students want from his/her life & what they dream for their country after the revolution. This project was consists of 2 parts :
    The 1st part:
    Behind the cafeteria of faculty of engineering ASU students write on papers What they want to make in our country after revolution?
    What they want to make in our faculty?
    The 2nd part:

    Awareness sessions

    It was consists of 2 sessions given by professional trainers The 1st one was about Regulation student was given by the manager of AFTE Center. Mr. Emad Mubarak and his assistant Dr. Kholoud Saber. The aim of this session is to make students be positive. The 2nd one was Civil state was given by Mr. Amir Salem The aim of this session is to know what’s mean of civil state..

    2011 closing

    In 2011 we wanted to make a different closing for our 1st year so we made

    talent show

    It was the 1st time in the history of faculty of engineering ASU to hold a day for talents. Its aim was to encourage talented students to present & improve their talents.

  • 2012: year to make it a solid organization

    Arabesque 2012 main project:

    Arabesque league

    The objective of the league:

    Political and cultural awareness by giving you data to build the culture of dialogue, so it will be differences leading to the presence of discussions and accepting each other’s opinions. Then it will be a case study to apply what they have learned. Six sessions given by professional instructors in each field.
    •It consists of two tracks:
    1-Politics and human rights.
    Each session contained games about its topic.

    First politics and human rights:

    • Political Systems by Ahmed Fawzy “Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party.
    • The rights of workers by Kamal Abbas “Director of the Federation of Workers' Union.
    • The rights of women by Azza Kamel
    • The rights of students
    • Citizenship
    • Emad Mobarak “Director of Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression AFTE.
    This session the participants had done a play on student regulations.
    • Emad Gad “director of the Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies and vice president of the Egyptian democratic party meeting.
    • Gyad Ahmed Mohye

    Second psychology:

    • Psychological prisoner and jailer by Mathna Abd El-Aziz “Al Madeen center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence.
    • Psychological schools by Ashgan Abd El-Hameed.
    • Types of personalities.

    2012 closing:

    By the end of the academic year 2012 came what we considered the real start of Arabesque as a solid organization which was the first Arabesque Closing and it was held at Safir Hotel on the 11thof July 2012.
    It was considered the real success due to the attendance of around 200people which include about 20 VIPs among which was Public Figures such as:
    the former Minister of Culture Dr. Emad Abo-Ghazi
    The former Member of Parliament Dr. Amr El-Shobaky,
    Not to forget the instructors who supported us throughout the year in Arabesque League such as Mr. Ahmed Fawzy, Dr. Emad Gad and Mr. Kamal Abbas.
    At the end of the day Arabesque was proud to honor the League participants by certificates due to their effort and high level of commitment throughout the year.

  • 2013 year continue our vision

    Arabesque 2013 main projects:

    Arabesque orchestra :

    Its aim is to improve students’ talents & learn more about it.
    This project was consist of 9 workshops:
    1- Choir by Mohamed Aly
    2- Caricature by DoaaAladl
    3- Marionette by Ahmed Naem
    4- Photography by Adel Wasely/SamyNegm
    5-Origami by Osama Helmy
    6-Drawing by Shery Hagras Elmogy
    7- Comics by Mohamed Anwar
    8- Writing:-script by Menna
    creative by Samar Ali
    9-ورشة حكي by Robaa Riad
    10-مشروع كورال by Salem Yousry
    Public figures:
    Shahenda Meklid
    Around 800

    Closing of the event

    Arabesque performance:

    After finishing the workshops at the beginning of the second semester each workshop performed what they have learned in front of 700 audients of VIPs, media coverage and students at Palestine hall at our faculty.

    Arabesque league :

    Arabesque League 2013 consisted of days every day consisted of sessions, case studies and open discussions.
    - The difference in this year is that the new tracks & new case study There were 3 tracks not 2 as the previous year
    1- Politics.
    2- Psychology.
    3- Anthropology.

    First Politics:

    • The political ideologies and giving examples on countries, by Amr Abd El-Rahman
    • Date of revolutions and their types by Amr El-Shobaky
    • Transitional Justice by Emad Gad
    • Economic effects in revolutions by Salwa Al Antary
    • Social influences by Khaled Ali

    Second psychology:

    • History of psychology
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Self-image
    • Behavioral disorders
    • Schools and psychological patterns of personal defense and tricks
    • Schizophrenia
    • Violence

    Third Anthropology:

    It aims to talk about the Societal problems in Egypt and the other countries
    • Women rights
    • The rights of the Child and the problem of “ Atfal f al share3”
    • Session about “Al Noba”
    • Session about “Korea”
    • The last session of all the tracks was an open session by Amr Hamzawy to talk about the 30th of June revolution.
    - 2014 to be continued .......

  • 2014

    Arabesque 2014 main project:

    Arabesque Orchestra

    1-Choir by Belal El Sheikh
    2-Marionette by Ismail El Mogy
    3-Graffitti by Ahmed Naguib
    4-Writing by Samar Ali
    5-Photography by Ramy EL Alfy / Hassan Amin
    6-Sculpture by Mina Ashraf
    7-Film making by Mahmoud Zika
    8-Caricature by Sahar Eissa
    9-Theatre by Nehal Elramly

    Arabesque League'14

    The objective of league 2014:

    • Not only to take sessions given by professional instructors but also to apply this data practically.
    • The sessions will be different as it will be dynamic by different ways.
    • The participants will share their experience and knowledge to the other participants.
    It consists of five tracks:
    1. Politics
    2. Economy
    3. History
    4. Sociology
    5. Philosophy

    First Politics:

    Politics this year will be more advanced that contains basic information about life.
    • An introduction about the political ideologies
    • Relationship between religion and state
    • Foreign relations of States
    • State Systems
    • Local Government

    Second Economy:

    This track is a new track which aims to connect between how the investments affect the individual's life.
    • General budget.
    • Stock market.
    • Different economic systems, Social Justice, minimum and maximum wage.
    • Foreign economic transactions between countries.
    • Policies to revive the economy and examples on it.

    Third History:

    This track is also a new track and it talks about Egypt's modern history.
    • For minorities in Egypt, especially the Jewish minority
    • Date of laws and constitutions in Egypt
    • Date of crises and protests in Egypt
    • History of the community and the categories alien to society

    Forth Sociology:

    • Introduction about sociology track
    • Gender issue
    • Social action
    • How an individual affects the society and how the society affects people.
    • الطبقية

    Fifth Philosophy:

    • Free will
    • The goal of life and the universe in general
    • What is the purpose of the universe and what is the nature of the societies.
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